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Update: I'm now on Ravelry under the same name. ^_^…

To those whom it may concern: Welcome to my new account!

I am TheSerialKnitter :icontheserialknitter: , knitter-ego of user OblivionMasquerade :iconoblivionmasquerade: and I am creating this account to exclusively showcase my knit and crocheted fiber art, and to host commissions. I will be resubmitting a few things from my main gallery, which will henceforth be used mostly for photography and other art media, before putting up new pieces.

I'm fresh out of college and would love to make my knit and crocheted creations available for purchase/commission now that I have some free time. I'm working on building an Etsy shop, writing up commission terms, and building up my stock. Feel free to check out my shop:… (currently closed due to some medical setbacks, but returning soon!)

Questions and advice are most welcome; please make yourselves at home and thanks for checking me out. :)
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May 25, 2010


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